What a year 2020. Due to the global pandemic, 2020 was a more relaxed year than usual for Mansoft, in terms of travelling and attending events. Nevertheless, we feel lucky to say that overall, we stayed very active and busy (and healthy!). This is what went on during the past year:

Update on security
We implemented a new password policy for Theatron, to increase the security measures. We also made a mayor update to our servers.

Overall improvements
As always, we continued developing new features and improvements to the system. This includes customer specific developments as well as user interface and current features’ improvements.

Full online manual
Last year we also implemented an online manual in Theatron. No need to download and keep outdated PDF manuals. This manual is always updated and it also includes a link to fully explanatory video manuals.

Fairs & events
Unfortunately, it was not possible for us to attend any fair nor face-to-face event during 2020. Instead, we arranged an open webinar session and one-on-one meetings with our customers. We hope 2021 will be better and we can go back to meeting people in person. But if it won’t be possible, we will continue to meet through a screen.

We do have interesting plans ahead for this 2021 and we really hope it will get better so that everything can slowly get back to normal. Stay put and stay healthy!

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