Export Team of Mansoft


We would like to introduce you the export team of Mansoft: Ikerne, Janika, and Elena.

Hi, my name is Ikerne and I am in charge of the relationships of Mansoft with Spain. My main tasks in Mansoft, together with Janika and Elena, are: researching, marketing and sales. I moved to Finland from the north of Spain to do my master degree. My background is in business administration. I was very lucky to come across with Mansoft and to get the chance to work in an international company that is so customer oriented and keeps growing together with its clients’ needs. I really enjoy the company’s culture and the transparent environment. My interests outside Mansoft can go from travelling and diving to just walking around in a sunny day.

My name is Janika and at Mansoft I’m responsible for the German language market. I have been working at Mansoft since last year and in my work I especially like the versatility and the possibility to communicate and use my language skills. I have both Finnish and German roots and I studied German translation. Previously I have done a lot of work in customer service. For me in a sales job it’s very important that the product is something I can stand behind, and at Mansoft this definitely applies. My interests outside my work include folk music and architecture.

My name is Elena Kazakova, and I am in charge of Russian and Portuguese markets. I have degrees in linguistics and education, and at the moment I am finalizing PhD studies in multilingual education. Previously, I worked in research projects, related to market research and emotions in collaborative learning. Now, I am taking a more business-oriented path in working life, and Mansoft provides me a wonderful opportunity to apply my linguistic and market research skills. I lived in Russia, Finland, and Portugal because travelling, learning new cultures and languages were always my passion. My recent hobby is surfing.

Together we are working on enlarging Theatron market across Europe and developing a communication strategy to get closer to our contacts.

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