Building a community around Theatron


As a company we want to not just sell our solution. We also want to work towards creating a community around Theatron. A community gives Theatron users a chance to get to know one another and learn how others use the software and so, it helps users get the most out of our solution. We also have a lot we can learn from a Theatron community. We want to know that our customers are satisfied and we always want to learn more about what would make our solution meet the theatres’ needs even better. A network of Theatron users makes the communication in all directions easier, using Theatron smoother, and we as a company are better able to stay in tune with what’s important to our customers.

How we work towards creating a community of Theatron users? A well-received tool in the past has been the Theatron user days, which we have previously organized in Finland and in Norway. These have given the users a chance for exchanging experiences regarding Theatron and production planning, learning from one another and networking. Recently we have introduced interactive webinars for our customers. From our first webinar we have gotten good feedback and so we are planning to arrange them also in the future. Stay tuned for future webinar dates! In addition to this you are of course always welcome to join our user group on Facebook and discuss matters concerning Theatron with us and other users.

We want to encourage our customers to get to know each other, learn from one another and also help us learn about the theatres’ needs and wishes. Do you have any other community building ideas for us? Feel free to send us your thoughts.

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