Webinar in collaboration with the Broadway Stage Management Symposium


The Broadway Stage Management Symposium is a yearly event in New York featuring a series of panels, lectures and seminars by some of Broadway's most experienced stage managers. This year, due to the Covid-19, in addition to organizing the actual symposium online, they are offering the Stage Management Tech Fridays. These weekly sessions are free of charge webinars for learning more about different technological tools on the market for stage managers and theatre organizations in general.

On the 21st of August at 2pm EST we had the great honor of being part of the 21st SM-Tech Fridays session. For 90 minutes we got to introduce Theatron and its Intranet to a global audience. There we found out a great community of people working in the scenic arts industry, who help each other learn about the latest developments in their field.

It was very exciting to be able to bring Theatron into further cultures and energizing to get such positive comments along the way. Despite the difficulties to find a suitable time-table for everyone worldwide, many were able to make it to the live webinar. And for those who could not attend, a replay was made available at www.broadwaysymposium.com/sm-tech-fridays!


Following, you can find the answers we gave to some of their interesting questions:

1.- Can you control who sees what documents and different areas of the production?
You have full control over who can see the attached documents and who can process documents in Theatron and the Intranet. On top of that, Theatron has page level user rights, so that you can decide who can do what.

2.- Can you schedule times in an AM, PM time format rather than military time?
At the moment the scheduling is using military time format. But we can apply the AM/PM format.

3.- Is there a way to send push notifications for calendar (and other) changes?
We have 3 options to notify the personnel: (1) Send automated email alerts for late changes, (2) Send automated SMS alerts for late changes and (3) Send manual email alerts directly from Theatron when something has been changed.

4.- If an actor were to connect the system to their personal schedule (Google calendar, etc.), would any updates (rehearsal time changes/cancelations) self-update on their personal calendars?
Yes, the feeds from Theatron update automatically as the calendar updates itself (the frequency of updating depends on each different calendar service).

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