How Theatron Helps Your Organization in Building a More Transparent Work Culture


The implementation of suitable technology, such as Theatron, is a good step in the direction of building a more open culture within your organization. The biggest benefits of using Theatron, is that it makes information accessible to all the right people and lets people trust the shared information. With Theatron the information is easy to access from anywhere and at any time, so there’s no need to ask around for it. The information is always up to date, which takes away the need to check, when it’s been updated last. This makes the information more trustworthy and easier to act and base decisions on.

Theatron is a professional tool for optimizing the communication within your performing arts organization. It has several ways of sharing information within the organization, the intranet being one of the most important tools for this. With the intranet all the employees are able to see their personal schedules and what else is going on.
As all the information is in one system, it’s clear with one glance, what has already been done and what still needs to be taken care of. This way double work is reduced and you won’t have conflicting excel sheets anymore.

The idea behind transparency is sharing all the relevant information with the personnel, so they are able to achieve the best possible quality in their work. There is of course such a thing as sharing too much or unneeded information. Some sensitive data, like personal information of the employees for example, is better kept only for the persons, whose job it is to handle this information. Theatron helps you also in this matter. You can easily manage who has access to which information: which persons are able to do planning and who can modify the information within the system.

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