Founder and Managing Director of Mansoft


This time we will tell you about the founder of the company – Reijo Bäckman and his son Samu Bäckman, who is Managing Director at the moment.

Reijo Bäckman established Mansoft in 1993. At the beginning, Mansoft was involved more in developing software for the education sector because of Reijo’s background as a teacher. Reijo also had experience in managing a software company, so combining these two elements came quite naturally. Reijo retired in 2011 and at the same time Mansoft moved from Loimaa to Turku and Reijo’s son Samu took over Mansoft as the Managing director.

"It was quite easy to jump into Mansoft in 2011. The company was doing fine and I just concentrated not to mess up anything in the beginning. Currently, the company is growing and expanding. We started to export Theatron in late 2014 and it grew to be our biggest software solution in just a couple of years. It has been a really interesting journey so far and we are currently investing into becoming even more international and expanding our operations into new markets." - Samu Backman



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