New Spanish Customer!


We are very happy to announce a new collaboration with a theatre in Spain: Teatre Auditori de Granollers!

Teatre Auditori de Granollers is a theatre located in the city of Granollers (in Catalonia). The program of this theatre offers, season after season, “a billboard with more than 60 proposals for music, theatre, opera, dance and magic, which place the viewer as the absolute protagonist. These quality shows are aimed to any audience”. (Reference: Teatre Auditori de Granollers’ webpage)

Moreover, “Teatre Auditori de Granollers does not consist only of a luxury billboard, but also of great educational and social projects, activities for schools, workshops, conferences, self-produced large productions... Projects that, ultimately, make the Teatre Auditori de Granollers an open space for the citizens”. (Reference: Teatre Auditori de Granollers’ webpage)

When asked about why they have chosen Theatron, Francesc Viaplana (Chief technician) said that "Teatre Auditori de Granollers has chosen Theatron because it is an optimal solution for managing spaces and work hours of the personnel".

We are looking forward for the great insights and outcomes that this collaboration will bring!

Read more about Teatre Auditori de Granollers here.

Best regards,
Mansoft team

Picture provided by Teatre Auditori de Granollers.


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