Theatre planning solution also for venues!


We keep expanding our horizons and aiming for new heights!

After all these years of experience gained by working with theatres hand to hand and meeting so many different theatres all around the world, we have come to the conclusion that Theatron should not be just an exclusive tool for producing houses.

Therefore, and with the purpose of reaching more and more theatres and fulfilling all their different needs, we have decided to make an adaptation of Theatron for venues and for producing companies. This said, soon we will be launching the first versions of Theatron for theatres that promote but don’t produce and for companies that produce but don’t own a venue.

By making some specific adjustments to the current Theatron solution, we will be able to meet the requirements of the venues and companies with a solution that better matches their needs.

If you wish to see the pilot version when it is ready, feel free to contact us  so we can keep you updated!

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