New Theatron customer experience video ready!



During the past months we have been working on recording a new Theatron customer experience video. It has been a great delight to us, that in this case Åbo Svenska Teater has agreed on sharing their practises and knowledge on Theatron and its Intranet from along the 10 years they have been using it.

ÅST, the Swedish-speaking theatre in Turku, is the oldest theatre in Finland. Around 1810 in Turku the Swede C.G. Bonuvier built what probably was the country’s first real theatre house. However, Bonuvier’s theatre house was totally destroyed in the great fire of 1827 and a decision to build the new theatre house in the heart of Turku was made in 1836. The beautiful theatre building was ready to use by 1839.

We are very thankful to Åbo Svenska Teatern and Maria Olin for their participation in the video and the feedback about Theatron and the partnership with Mansoft. She certainly has described it very well.

Go ahead and check the ÅST user experience video by clicking here!



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