Theatron enters Germany with Zimmertheater Tübingen!



We are proud to announce that the Zimmertheater Tübingen is the first customer of Theatron in Germany!

This progressive theater was founded in 1958 on the beautiful banks of the river Neckar. During this time it has attracted much national attention, as big theater names have worked there. Zimmertheater Tübingen has 3 different stages, two in its original venue and the third one located in a former cinema venue. And since 2018 it has been operating as the ITZ (Institute for Theatrical Future Research).

The ITZ goal is to contribute to social developments by exploring the social future through theater. The artistic process is informed by discursive events which shows that the modern theater is open to debate and conversation. Dieter Ripberger and Peer Mia Ripberger have been the directors since 2018, and this is what they say about their decision of using Theatron: “We not only try to be progressive in terms of aesthetics, but also in terms of theatre management, technical infrastructure and tools. That's why we chose Theatron: we want all our staff to work with the best digital infrastructure to organize tasks and communication. That’s how we achieve artistic brilliance and succeed in our vision to create new narratives for a better tomorrow. Tübingen is the center of the German Cyber Valley – cutting edge in science and in theatre!”.

Learn more about Zimmertheater Tübingen, here.


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