Trøndelag Teater - Tenth Theatron customer in Norway


Trøndelag Teater chose Theatron

It was in September 2015 that we first agreed to have a demo of Theatron over Skype with Trøndelag Teater. The first demo was held one week later, but it took year and half until the contract for Theatron was signed. During this time period Trøndelag Teater made a thorough investigation of the available solutions in the market, contacted existing Theatron customers in Norway and visited four theatres in Finland to learn more about the daily usage and benefits of Theatron and experiences working with Mansoft.

“The main reason why we chose Theatron is, that through the presentation of the solution and the experiences of other theaters in the Nordic countries it is our understanding that this is the best solution for Trøndelag Teater”, comments Jon Kristoffer Stokkan, Director at Trøndelag Teater.

“Trøndelag Teater is our tenth Theatron customer in Norway and we are very happy that they chose Theatron after this process. We have theater customers that have said during the first web demonstration that they will take Theatron, and we have theatres that have made a very thorough investigation of the available solutions in the market and signed a contract for Theatron”, comments Samu Bäckman, Managing Director of Mansoft.

Trøndelag Teater was opened in 1937 and the opening performance was Women of Niskavuori. The theatre is running five stages and has approximately 15 new production each year. Trøndelag Teater employs around 120 permanent employees and operates its own costume and props departments.

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