Norrbottensteatern chose Theatron


Norrbottensteatern started in 1967 as Sweden's first county theater. Children and young people are priority audience groups, about 30% of the theatres activities are aimed towards these groups. The theatres repertoire is a mix of classics and newly written plays ranging from important and topical subjects to entertaining stories for providing the audience with multidimensional images of people and society.

Norbottensteater has its home venue in Luleå Sweden with three stages, workshops, studios etc and the theatre also tours in Norrbottens county across its 14 municipalities.

“Norrbottensteatern is excited to start working with Theatron, a program which through its ease of use and clarity will make our planning easier. We also believe that sharing information and schedules across our staff will be immensely facilitated by the tools provided by Theatron and the Intranet”, comments Hans Eriksson - Producer from Norrbottensteatern.

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The image is from Norrbottensteatern by photographer Anders Alm.

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