Gothenburg City Theatre changes to Theatron


Gothenburg City Theatre changes their current production planning system for Theatron and the integrated Intranet, which will form a complete solution for the theatre’s production planning and work time scheduling. Theatron will be integrated into Gothenburg City Theatre’s payroll system for fully automated calculation and transfer of work hours between the systems.

The Intranet will form a centralized place for sharing information both directly from Theatron in form of work hour and other schedules but also general information i.e. healthcare and job safety will be shared through the Intranet.

“Theatron is specially developed for the work of a theatre. We will be able to integrate and communicate the planning of rehearsals, shows and work times in a way that will immensely simplify the work of our productions. We feel very confident that this is a good tool that will be greatly useful to us”, says Tekla Olsson Brookes, producer at the Gothenburg City Theatre.

“We are excited for signing Gothenburg City Theatre as our customer and trust that they will also become happy Theatron users. We had some presales help from Svenska Teatern in Helsinki and Folkteatern in Gothenburg. Folkteatern Gothenburg have now started to use Theatron and have commented that ‘It’s been a joy working with Theatron’ and Svenska Teatern has been using Theatron for years” says Samu Bäckman from Mansoft.

About Gothenburg City Theatre

Gothenburg City Theatre is Sweden's oldest city theatre and third largest theatre. It was founded in 1918 through a donation from inhabitants of Gothenburg, and was originally based at the premises that are now Lorensberg Theatre. Gothenburg City Theatre currently has about 150 employees, of which a third are actors.

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Photo is made by AORTA for Gothenburg City Theatres Machinal which will premiere in October 2015

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