Lahti City Theatre chose Theatron


Lahti City Theatre chose Theatron after competitive tendering process. Theatron and the integrated Intranet will form a complete solution for Lahti City Theatres production planning, work time scheduling and distribution of information.

The schedule for implementing Theatron as integral part of Lahti City Theatres production planning is rapid. In addition for integration into payroll and other systems, some additional tailoring is done for Theatron to fully meet Lahti City Theatres needs and requirements. Everything is planned to be ready by the beginning of fall season 2015, while the actual planning of events starts already earlier. "We believe in Mansoft's ability to stay on schedule, despite the fact that it is challenging", says Kimmo Ryynänen Administrative Director for Lahti City Theatre.

Lahti City Theatre is one of the biggest theatres in Finland and Mansoft's fifteenth Theatron customer. "We chose Theatron because we found Mansoft to be a partner who has special knowledge of theatre world and because they have proven commitment for developing Theatron further. Theatron also has features such as flexible planning of rehearsals, shows and work times, which we found very useful", Kimmo continues.

"We welcome Lahti City Theatre to join the happy group of Theatron users and look forward on starting our cooperation and developing Theatron even further with Lahti City Theatre", says Samu Bäckman Managing Director for Mansoft.

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The picture on top is from Lahti City Theatres play The Three Musketeers.

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